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We are based around Palmerston North in the lower North Island of New Zealand. Lone Guides do their guiding by correspondence (snail mail) because they can't attend regular weekly meetings normally due to distance, illness or other commitments. Instead they get a monthly "Gidget Gazette" - a book or folder which includes activities to do during the month. The Gidget Gazette travels around each girl in the unit, they keep it for three days and then pass it on. The last girl on the mailing list posts it back to the leader.
Guide at Mailbox In our unit there are two patrols: Kakapo and Hoiho (our patrols are given the Maori names for endangered native birds).
We try to meet at least three or four times a year. Sometimes it is for a weekend or just for a day. In 1997 we got together on Thinking Day and sent messages to Guides in other countries using the Internet. In April and July we met with other Lones in the Manawatu province for a "Lone Day". In October we had an indoor holiday with an insect theme and in November we had a weekend cycling trip.

Kiwi Cooking

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Things we enjoyed at camp - a Frog theme - lots of water based games!
Activities Around a Theme - Ideas for leaders - Penguins, Bears, Pigs, Aussie Adventure...

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