Welcome to Troop 74

Dimondale, Michigan


We are Brownie Girl Scouts Troop 74 from Dimondale, Michigan. We are a large group of 25 girls. We are currently trying to start a postcard collection for our troop. We would like to collect postcards from different troops that are all over the country and the world. If you are interested in helping our troop start this tradition, please send a postcard to our leaders' address below. We will gladly send you a postcard from our troop, just include your return address on your postcard. It is a great way to make new friends.

We have gotten together to decide on what we wanted people to know about our troop. One thing we wanted everyone to know was why we like being Girl Scouts.....

We LOVE being Girl Scouts Because......

We love being together.

Girl Scouts RULE!!!

We have GREAT parties.


We do tons of crafts.

We help other people in our community.

We have great teamwork.

We go on AWESOME Field Trips.

We also wanted to tell people about what we have been doing this ear.

We decided to have a get-to-know-you weekend. We rented a cabin called Mill Run. Our weekend was filled with crafts and games. We went on a nature field trip and in the evening we roasted marshmallows and made smores. We laid on the ground and watched to stars and then had a disco dance party. Fun was had be all. (Even the Mom's had fun!)

Our council sponsored a Hayride for the Girl Scouts. The weather was a little cold, but we had blankets and a warm fire to sit by. We roasted marshmallows and sang songs. We then got to go on a horse drawn wagon ride. Some of us even got to sit in the front with the driver.


We decided to have a Halloween Party this year. We all came in our costumes and played all kinds of games. We had to put our hands into a box and try to guess which body part it was. It was GROSS!! We ate glouish pizza and slimely punch. We wrapped ourselves up into mummies and raced across the floor in races.

We had the wonderful opportunity to be in a big parade in our State's capitol of Lansing. The parade was called Silver Bells in the City. It is held around Christmas time every year. We rode in large Granger Container truck singing Christmas songs. We all wore reindeer noses and ears. We even had our picture taken with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Fun was had by all who attended.

Christmas time is always very busy for our families, so we decided not to have a meeting during that month. What we did decided to do was have a Troop Christmas Dinner. We invited all of our families to get together. All they needed to bring was dish to pass and we provided delicious ham for everyone. It great to see all our families together having a wonderful time.

Our council also sponsored three more events for us. One was a skate night at our local skating rink. It was fun to see us all skating to the music. We only had one accident. One of our leaders fell and broke her elbow. OUCH. The other event was a Movie Day at Celebration Cinema. We munched on popcorn and candy while watching the new movie Toy Story 2. Once again, everyone who attended had a great time. The third event was put on by another troop in our council. This has become an annual event for them. It is called Fun In The Sun. It usually happens in the winter when everyone just needs a little fun. We go to one of our local schools that has a pool. We get to swim, learn new games, and try new sports. After all this activity, we of course get to eat a great snack provided by the council.

Our troop has been very busy this year, we have sold fall products, candles, and of course cookies, cookies, and more cookies. We are currently trying to raise money for a special trip we are planning to take next summer. We are going to spend the weekend in Chicago, Illinois. Next summer we will be bridging to juniors and we wanted to make it extra special. We will have a special bridging ceremony, go to museums and many other activities. We are looking forward to it. If you have any good fund raising ideas just email us your suggestions.

Our troop has also been working on community service this year. We often feel very good after helping out in our home town. So far this year we have brought goods to all the events that we have attended. These goods help people and animals in our area. We have adopted a special family in our town. We have held food drives to help give them a nice Thanksgiving and we held a present drive to help with Christmas. Soon we will collect Easter food and decorate Easter Eggs to help our family with Easter. Even though we do not know who our family is, it brings us much joy to know that we are helping a family in need. We also raised money for our troop flag. We brought pop cans in to every meeting until we had enough to purchase our own troop flag. It was so cool to see our flag with "Troop 74" on it.

If you would to help with our postcard collection, our leader's address is:

Troop 74

Brenda Alagna

337 East Washington

Dimondale, Michigan 48821


Please send us mail

Troop 74