Girl Scout Troop 725     Miami, Florida
 We are in our third year as a junior troop.  This year we are happy to welcome Daisies to our troop.  The Daisies will be working hard and having lots of fun earning the new daisy badge and hopefully the Sports, Connections, Media Know How, Girls are Great, and Learn to read badges. Any one out there with ideas / helpful hints for daisy troops, please Email us.
 The juniors  will soon meet to decide on the badges the troop will work on.  We are hoping to have a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom!  Shhh, the girls don't know yet!
Last year we went to space camp in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  It was a BLAST. The girls will also be choosing the Troop crest.  We look forward to an exciting year of friendship, learning, and growing.