Hello, my name is Debra . I am the leader of Troop 1313 in the Desert Mirage Service Unit in the High Desert of California. I have Juniors (age 10 thru 12) and Cadet's (age 12 thru 16). We are located in Barstow Ca. USA. At present I have 35 girls registered in my troop but with my husbands help,who is my co-leader, we have a wonderful time with the girls. They really enjoy camping since most of them don't get a chance to do it with their families. Next fall we plan on doing a lot more camping in the mountains. Over the summer, they will be working on their swimming badge. The Cadet's will be working on their Silver Award and some of them will be completing it by next year. Any suggestions for either group would be welcomed. You may e-mail me at debra.avery@verizon.com. Looking forward to more of our troop appearing on the web page