Hello, and welcome to Troop 1017's home page. If you have visited our home page before we're glad that you've checked back with us.... if this is the first time you have checked our home page ... here's a little basic troop info for you. We're a mostly Junior troop located in Ohio. Our girls are in 3rd through 6th grade. We meet twice a month during the school year ... in the summer months we do not have formal meetings but do get together for various troop activites at least once a month. Speaking of troop activities, here's what's comin up for us. Just two weeks left before we go on our big outing for the year .... we are going on a nocturnal adventure at a zoo located about 2 hours from home. We will be spending the night in the manatee area learning all about these beautiful creatures. As part of this trip we will also be staying at the zoo the next day. I don't know who is more excited about this trip ... the girls or the adults going. Check back in with us later and we'll let you know what we thought of this adventure. We are also busy now working on getting entries ready for our local county fair which will be held in about one month. This year as a troop we have made several neat crafts and look forward to sharing these at the fair. Soon we hope to have a craft section where we can share ... this year we will be entering troop bandanas which we made with everyones name on it, bandana sit-upons, toothpick dolls, bean-bag felt hearts, and many neat swaps. As we've shared before we enjoy camping and have a two troop event scheduled for next month right before school starts. Some of the girls in our troop had the opportunity earlier this summer to attend daycamp and the girls joining us are some of the new friends we made at camp. Again, thanks for visiting us and soon we hope to add a craft, song, game, and camping section.

Troop 1017 The Groovygirls