Hello there! Welcome to the homepage for Junior Girl Scout Troop 810. We are from St. Helens, Oregon, near Portland, and are part of the Columbia River Girl Scout Council.

There are fifteen of us in the troop: Mandy, Amanda, Tiffany S., Jessica, Hattie, Emily, Missy, Johanna, Alice, Alicia, Tiffany L., Victoria, Kim, Monica, and Elizabeth. We are mostly fifth graders and a few fourth graders. Our leaders are Paula and Becki. We have a lot of fun and we go on neat trips, such as an overnight in Seattle's Pacific Science Center. We had an Internet class and will be updating our page. We are also earning the computer badge and the cyberscouting badge.

We had Cocoa the pound puppy, who belongs to Brownie Troop 3168 in New Jersey, at our troop in December and took her caroling and to a pizza party. She also helped decorate cookies! There was a lot of flooding in our town just after Christmas. We are glad the waters have gone down. We had a cute little doll named Sydney visit us, too. We love having mascots! Sydney went singing with us at a local care center and went to Internet classes with us.

Our own mascot, Buffy Beaver, left the Beaver state for the first time on October 14, 1996. Her are some of her adventures so far:

OCTOBER: Junior Troop 2048, Arlington, Texas. (Tracy Spear) Buffy has gone camping and enjoyed a special Halloween evening with her hosts. She also participated in wrapping the leader with toilet paper. She made pancakes on a vagabond stove and worked on the 'Girls (including girl beavers) are Great' badge.

NOVEMBER: Junior Troop 101, San Angelo, Texas. (Elizabeth Basden)Buffy spent a weekend at Camp Jo Jan Van and she loved it!! Troop 101 welcomed her lovingly and spoiled her. She has a Camp JJV bandana, cowboy hat, and floater. She got 2 patches for attending Junior Olympic Core Camp, courtesy of the event director and received her medal for the olympics activites (wearing it around her neck) at the presentation ceremony. The troop campfire skit was centered around Buffy and introducing her to the entire camp.

DECEMBER: Brownie Troop 3168, Turnersville, NJ (Lisa Martin)Buffy had a wonderful time spending the holidays in New Jersey while their mascot, Cocoa the pound puppy, went to St. Helens. Buffy got her own stocking with presents. She was officially invested into Girl Scouts with Cadette Troop 6213. She went to see the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin's grave and the Philadelphia Mint. She also got to stay up till midnight on New Year's Eve.

JANUARY: Junior Troop 334, Harvard, Illinois (Jennifer Tripp)Buffy went on an overnighter, where the weather got down to -45 degrees. Luckily it was indoors! They played shadow charades and other games. The girls blew ice bubbles and hiked on a swinging bridge. Buffy worked with the "Meals on wheels" program and made tissue paper window hangings. She also got to work on some badges.

FEBRUARY: Junior Troop, Virginia (Sallie Zeil)She attended the troop's first court of awards on Monday, and received a patch of her own (council patch). She has been having a fine time visiting council headquarters, stopping by the beach for a quick look (It was too cold to sunbathe) and attending a leader's training seminar in Williamsburg, VA. She went to the SU Thinking Day event and saw all the booths about different countries the troops have put together. They planned to visit the Limited Too for a Fashion Adventure.

MARCH: Junior Troop 3481, Levittown, New York (Kathy Nyles)

APRIL: Junior Troop 65, Georgia (Colleen Ferris)

MAY: Guide Coy, 1st Maghull (Eileen Kermode)

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