Decatur Troop 807

Troop 807 Decatur, MS

decatur807homeHello - Hello - Hello - Hello

We are glad to meet you decatur807home

decatur807homeWe are glad to greet you

Hello - Hello - Hello - Hellodecatur807home

Juniors - decatur807home Rachel, decatur807home Michelle, decatur807home Kristen,, decatur807home Lindsay, decatur807home Julia,
Chassidy, decatur807home Amanda

Cadettes -decatur807home Galathia, decatur807home Sarah, decatur807home Jessica

decatur807homeOur Troop loves crafting, singing, camping, going on trips and making *S*W*A*P*S and swapping them.

decatur807homeWe have a Teddy Bear mascot named "Precious". She is going to North Carolina, Kansas, New York and California!

decatur807homeWe are looking for e-mail pals for the Troop as well as individual girls. Please send us mail Troop 807.

We love our Brownies - decatur807homeChelsea, Christine, decatur807homeHaley, decatur807homeMary ,Kellye,decatur807homeBaleigh
They now have their own troop. Visit them at


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