Greetings from sunny Arizona!

We are Brownie Troop 758. We belong to Sahuaro Girl Scout Council. We are all first year scouts. 6 of us are in first grade, 1 is in second grade, and 4 of us are in third grade. 4 of us will bridge up to Juniors in May.

We live in the south central part of the state of Arizona. It is a rural area, and we have lots of farms whose main crop is cotton. We also have several open pit copper mines. The mountains here are rocky, and the plant life survives on very little water. Common to this area are Mesquite, Ironwood, and Palo Verde trees, Saguaro, Ocotillo, Cholla, Barrel, and Prickly Pear cacti. At night you can hear coyotes howling, and see owls and snakes out searching for food. It gets pretty hot here in the summer, usually over 110 degrees. We do a lot of swimming!!!

We have been working on lots of Try-its, and most recently, earned our Council’s own "Arizona" Try-it. We have made lots of interesting crafts, tasty recipes, and played funny games. We have marched in our local O’odham Tash Parade, participated in our service units Thinking Day Event, visited our local Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, and sold lots of Girl Scout cookies.

We are looking forward to: an April sleep-over, where we will work on our Space Explorer try-it, a Mother/Daughter tea earning our Manners Try-it, watching 4 of our sister scouts Bridge to Juniors, attending Camp at Whispering Pines, a family BBQ earning our Outdoor Fun and Outdoor Happenings Try-it, and hold a Hawaiian Luau while learning all about the history and culture of Hawaii, earning their Aloha Badge. We are also doing the Guiding around the World Project with a Brownie Pack from England!!!

Since February, we are corresponding with Brownie troops from Canada, Japan, England, Scotland, Arab emirates, Australia, and in the states, Alaska, Florida, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Utah. We will be exchanging mascots with several troops, and have already sent out many postcards, exchanged swaps, and traded council patches. We love hearing from others and welcome correspondence. 

Thank you for sharing an interest in us. We look forward to sharing more in the future.





We love receiving mail!!

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Brownie Troop 758