Greetings from Brownie Troop 74 in Miami, Florida!

We are a newly-formed troop in Miami with 19 first- and second-grade members. We meet every other Saturday morning and would like to trade ideas for projects with other troops.

Our troop mascot, a stuffed dolphin named Catie, will be visiting troops in Canada, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Michigan, California and Missouri this spring. She has a travel kit that includes a journal for host troops to write in, a book about dolphins to learn a bit more about her habitat, a fact sheet about Miami, some pictures of Miami and a beach bag. We hope to get postcards and snapshots of our dolphin from the troops across the USA and Canada who host her this spring!

Please send us e-mail at:

Brownie Troop 74

What do we like to do?

Since our Brownie Troop 74 was formed last September, we have had a lot of fun together. We made sit-upons, clothespin "dream dolls," ice cream cone Christmas ornaments and paper flowers. And we prepared a Christmas basket for a needy family, donated canned food at a square dance party with several other local troops, had an aerobics instructor show us how fun exercise can be, and sold Girl Scout cookies.

At our January 25 meeting, we're going to learn about architecture, on February 1 we're going to work on the Art to Wear Try-It, and on February 15 we're headed off on a field troop to the Miami MetroZoo. Have any troops made plans yet for next month's Thinking Day? We'd like to hear about whatever your troop may be doing to mark the day.

Who are we?

Brownie Troop 74 members:

LaurelMeaghanMolly KatrinaSamanthaDorothy Ann KatherineSarahAnabel AlysonJasmineCathryn CatieStephanieChristine BrigitteArielleRosemary Raquel Troop leaders: Suzanne Levitt and Robyn Murray Lesser Cookie sales manager: Lynne Bowers Newsletter editor and Webmistress: Julie Vorman Fraser

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This page was last updated on 17 January 1997. Many thanks to Diana Hoag for her training and assistance with our troop's new home page!