We are troop 71 Easthampton. Our Council is Western Massachusetts Girl Scout Council http://www-vms.oit.umass.edu/~scrawley/wmgsc/wmgsc_home.html We are a second year Junior level troop with 11 girls. Amanda, Meghan, Jessica, Suzie, Katie, Megan, Samantha, Janettecy, Diana, Heather, and Stephanie. Our troop is located in Easthampton, MA. This is our second year as a troop. Last year we did two service projects, went on a hike, saw the women's NCAA college volleyball final four game, went on a hayride, went camping and spent the night at the Boston Museum of Science. This year so far we have gone camping (it was cold!) and next week we are going horseback riding and caroling with our service unit.