Hi! I'm Brianna!

I am 11 years old and am in 6th grade. I have been in Girl Scouts for 6 years. I am now in my 7th year. I have a sister named Kayleigh that is in my troop too.

I Like To:





Do things on my computer or watch my dad play games on it

Pets that have me:

I have a dog, named "d'artagnan". He is a Mini Schnauzer and is soooo cute! I also have a Calico cat, her name is "Hannah". She is an indoor cat and is declawed. There is this cat that comes to our house all the time so we feed him. His owner calls him "Junior" but we call him "Kitty-Kitty". He's a Scottish Fold breed of cat and has ears that are different from most cats.

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