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Girl Scout Council of the Apalachee Bend

We are a troop of Juniors and Cadettes. The three Juniors are Anastasia, Krystle, and Cieara, all in 5th grade. The Cadettes are Andrea, Heather, Kimberly all in the 7th grade, and Erin in the 6th grade.

Troop 446 Homepage

Some of the activities we have participated in are:
local American Indian POWWOW/American Indian Lore IPP
Council Wider Ops event Up, Up, & Away-learned about wider ops, hot air ballooning, and metereology
Games for Life IPP
Council Rythymn and Motion event/Invitation to Dance IPP and camped out overnight on the way to the council event
Exploring the Net IPP
Cadette Challenge
JOTI-Jamboree On The Internet-met scouts worldwide on the internet
Hosted and helped run the Service Unit Event Juliette Low's Birthday Bash--we taught a dance and helped the Brownies earn their Play try-it
Invited a cosmetic consultant to come to a troop meeting and help with work on the From Fitness to Fashion IPP
Collected school supplies for children of war-torn Bosnia
Talk badge
Caroled in the Parade of Lights at Christmas
Postcard exchange with scouts worldwide for Thinking Day
Made placemats for the local nursing home as part of our "Service is Blooming" service project
Valentine Father/Daughter Dance
Program Aide training
Thinking Day Chat
Met Governor Chiles and his Cabinet members and received the Proclamation for Girl Scout Week from him
Cookie booth
Observed church services for Girl Scout Sunday
Artistic Crafts IPP/Cadettes
Art in the Home/Juniors JOTT--Jamboree On The Trail
Painted the play equipment at the City Park.

Troop 446 Homepage

I thought you might like to know about our troop. The troop began as Daisy's with 8 girls and 2 leaders, they did many activities and had lots of fun. Ms. Cheryl could no longer be the leader and that's when Ms. Donna became our leader when we became Brownies and Ms. Jan was our assistant leader until this year.

Heather is a second year scout and has been in the troop since Daisy's. She plays the Sax in the school band, sings in both the school and church choirs, enjoys ballet, pointe, soccer, reading, drawing, writing to her penpals, and hopes to run track in high school.

Andrea has been with the troop three years and is a second year Cadette. She sings in both school and church choirs and is on the Dance Team at school. She likes to read and write her penpal.

Erin was our first new scout in the troop this year and is a second year Cadette. She plays the Sax in the school band, sings in the church choir, and enjoys sports and writing to her penpal.

Kimberly is our newest troop member, she was a Brownie in another state, and is a second year Cadette as well.

Krystle was our first Junior to join us, she's been in scouts in another state as well as here. She's a third year Junior. Krystle likes to play sports and sings in the church choir.

Anastasia was our second Junior and she's a third year Junior too. She likes to lots of activites for badges.

Cieara joined us as our third Junior after moving to our town. She's also a third year Junior.

Ms. Donna our fearless leader, has been in Girl Scouts for 16 years, 9 as a girl and 7 as a leader.

Ms. Kathy is our assistant leader and new to our troop. She came to our troop with her daughter.

Troop 446 Homepage

We have two traveling mascots Millie the manatee and Tillie the sea turtle. The Cadettes are working on their Silver Award, the Juniors are working on their Junior Leadership Pin. Next year the Juniors will bridge and then we'll all be Cadettes. Our leader is Ms. Donna and she swaps council patches, if you'd like to swap with her or send us mail

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Troop 446

Ms. Donna helped to design the patch we received for the Thinking Day Postcard Exchange. See it below.

Troop 446 Homepage

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