Hello my name is CHERRY BEAR

I was adopted in July 1998 by Junior Troop #402 in Crooked Tree Council of Michigan.

I am learning about Girl Scouts this year. The girls here have been teaching me all they know then they will send me traveling around the country so that I(they) can learn what other Girl Scouts do.

Since they adopted me we walked in a parade, and learned about make up and fashion with our mothers (so I will look good in my travels). Then they took me on a long trip to Mackinaw City where we took a ride on big Ferry Boat to Machinac Island. while we were there we visited a Fort with loud cannons and soldiers, we went for a bike ride, and of course we went shopping for FUDGE (yum yum).

They say I have to meet all the girls in the troop old and new so I will be ready to see the country by the first of October(1998). My schedule is open as this is my first year traveling to see the world. I do have one confirmed trip to Texas in November to Learn about being a Cadette Girl Scout as some of my Juniors want to know about the next step in Girl Scouts.

So if you would like to exchange places with me my troop is very busy learning new things and they would like to learn about what you do and the state that you live in so you can e-mail my leader to set up an exchange. I look forward to visiting your troop this year!!