Hi! We are Troop 3512 from Owings Mills, Maryland (that's just Northwest of Baltimore). We were formed in November of 1995, so this is our first full year. Last year we had 5 Daisys and 7 Brownies. This year we've increased to 16 Brownies! We're excited about our new year. Already we're marched in a parade with all the other local Girl Scout troops and we've completed almost all the requirements for the Girl Scout Ways Try-It (the s'mores were sooooo yummy!). We're also going on a Halloween tour of a 19th century girls boarding school called the Patapsco Female Institute. That should be fun! We have one leader and two assistants. The two assistant leaders just took Outdoor Training and we're planning on going for a day long outing/nature hike sometime in October. Hopefully we can earn the Outdoor Fun and Outdoor Adventurer Try-Its that >day!!!! We're also going to be exchanging letters/post cards with troop 852 in Santa Monica, CA! Oh, and Sept. - Nov. is cookie time for us, too! So we're busy! Scouting is such fun and we are looking forward to a great year! We'd love mail/suggestions/comments/anything! Since we're still new atscouting, we'd appreciate it! Please send us email
Troop 3512Laurie Ather