Hi from Troop 3481! We are a new Junior Troop at Summit Lane School in Levittown,Long Island,N.Y. Since we are a new Troop we are all in the 4th grade. So far we have 10 girls in our Troop,but we hope more will join at registration. This year we plan on sending out our first mascot, we have her agenda set up and she will start her journey in the beginning of Oct. She will visit 8 Troops across the States and will come back to us in early June. We are very excited about her journey. In Dec. she will be in New Mexico where the hosting Troop will bring her to see the Luminaries which sound beautiful. And in May (which is the month we like the best) she will be part of a bridging ceremony of Juniors to Cadets in which they are going to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge for there ceremony. Alot of Troops paticipate and sounds like a wonderful idea. She is going to have a wonderful time..We'll keep you up to date on her journey.. Troop #3481 Leaders: Kathy & Laura