My name is Brenda. I am the leader of a great Junior troop of girls. Our troop number is 3046. We are in Chaparral Council and have 12 girls in the troop. This is my second year as a leader. I was a Girl Scout as a girl for 4 years. Our Council is getting ready to sell cookies! We already did the QSP magazine sales. These are the only two council sales we do. Troop 3046 hosted a really cute Mascot for the month of December. Her name is Miss Liberty and she is a great big fluffy bear. We had a lot of fun with her! We will be doing Thinking day in March as well as celebrate the 85th Anniversary of Girl Scouts. The country we chose to research was Switzerland. If any one has any information to share with us about this country please e-mail us through our leader (see below). Thanks and Happy Scouting/Guiding. We were also trading patches but have to stop until our Council designs a new patch. Please send us mail through our leader
Troop 3046