Welcome!!!!!! You are now visiting Daisy Troop #27 `s Homepage.We want to thank you for stopping by. Our troop is located in the Donegal Neighborhood, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Our troop consists of 15 registered girls. Most are from donegal school district. Some of them are from Kraybill Mennonite school. Ages range from 5 to 7 years.(K-first graders) We are a brand new troop, this is our first year. My name is Jennifer I am the troops Leader and my assistant`s name is Pam.Some Highlights this year so far have been: 1-touring our local library and each girl received her very own library card... 2-touring local firedept..... 3-Visiting local Pumpkin farm taking wagon ride, picking their own pumpkins paying for the pumpkins themselves...We ate packed lunch there stopped at local park on way home.. 4-Tye dying t-shirts 5- touring burger King making their very own burgers.. Some activities for the future are: Bowling, Swimming at local Inside pool, Mother daughter sleepover, followed by mother daughter breakfast then mother daughter bowling we are currently working with parents to start fundraisers so we can have an end of the year getogether at kidsports or chuck-e-cheese`s.... We are very exciting about this year so far, and its far from over!!!!!! Please send e-mail to jennifer at Troop#27