Hello. Our troop is #27 from Houlton Maine. There are only 5 of us but we are a very active and friendly group. We love to camp, hike, climb, canoe and any thing else outdoors we can think of.

Well, we couldn't climb Doubletop this May. There is still 3 feet of snow on the roads in Baxter State Park. We've rescheduled it for June. Hope the snow is gone by then. is still snow on the mountain in May, the rangers won't let us up. We don't want it to melt too fast because that causes flooding but we'd like it to be gone in May. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Our plans for this summer include going back to Mt. Carleton and doing Mt. Sagamook. It isn't as high but it is much steeper and a harder climb. We also want to try Mt. Katahdin.

Our Girl Scout camp is at the gate of Baxter State Park. We can stay at our camp free and drive into the park to climb the mountains. It is wonderful and Camp Natarswi is our favorite place. We like staying at Traveler because of the big rocks we can climb on. Our leaders like Pioneer - it is closer to main camp, has a kitchen shelter and when you wake up in the morning the first thing you see is Mt. Katahdin.

Visit our council's homepage Abnaki Girl Scout Council It includes links to Baxter State Park and information about the Appalachian Trail.

Some other pages we enjoy are: S*W*A*P*S Information and Jennifer Walker's Nifty Guide Links

One of our favorite projects is the A.E.Howell Wildlife Conservation Center and Spruce Acres Refuge in North Amity. It is less than 14 miles from our school and both our classes and Girl Scouts spend a lot of time there. Mr. Howell teaches us about caring for all wildlife and how it is important to protect it for our children. We have cleared trails, built bird houses and cages, helped them celebrate Earth Day and spent many nights camping in the field. Our favorite two things are helping to take care of the animals and fishing. Many of us have caught very large trout and we feed them to the bears (if there are any at the refuge)or the eagles. Right now he has a bear that is hybernating. It was too small to release before winter set in so some Brownie Girl Scouts made him a den out of pine boughs, leaves and straw to sleep through the winter. Mr. Howell told us the other day that the bear wakes up for about a half hour when the temperature gets into the 20's but goes right back to sleep. There are two coyotes there and they will be there for good. Both were picked up by humans when they were pups and are now too tame to be returned to the wild but too wild to be kept in someones home. We think that is so sad. If people would just leave things alone. You can visit their homepage too and find out more. A.E Howell Wildlife Conservation Center

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