Hi! This is Junior Troop 249 of the Camden County Council. We meet every other Friday at Signal Hill Elementary School. This is our first year of Juniors and our troop flew up over the summer. Many of us bridged, too. Five other girls in my troop are also working on the badge for cyberscouting on the internet.


Hi! We are Junior Troop 249. We live in Voorhees, New Jersey. We go on a lot of fun field trips and sleepovers. We like to make crafts and earn badges! We have been together since browines in first grade and now we are juniors in fourth grade. One of my favorite sleepovers was when we went to the New Jersey State Aquarium. We got to pet sharks and see many other animals. My favorite field trip last year was to PathMark. We got to go into the bakery and use the cash registers. We are looking forward to a trip to the Courier Post Newspaper's Office and a horse place to learn how to take care of horses. We are going to a sleepover at the Franklin Institute. This is my fourth year in Girl Scouts and I've had a great time!!!


Hi, we are troop 249. We live in Voorhees New Jersey. Our troop leaders are Mrs. Garelick, Mrs. Chisholm, Mrs. Gerhardt, and Mrs. Silary. We have been together since we were 5. There are 12 girls in my troop. We all love pets and animals.


Hi! I'm in troop 249. We live in Voorhees New Jersey. We are a troop of 12 girls and have 4 leaders. We are all in 4th grade and are the age of 9 or 10. We often go on trips for sleepovers or tours, this way we can earn badges. My favorite part is when we get to sell cookies, but not in the cold weather. Sometimes we do experiments for part of our badges. I'm working on the ''Doing hobbies'' badge. My hobby is playing music. I like being in Girl Scouts.


Hello! I'm Mariah. I go to Girl Scouts and am in Juniors. As well as being in Juniors, I like swimming, singing, gymnastics, baking, skiing, roller blading and jump roping. I like a whole lot of other things, too, but it would be too much to type. I go to Kellman Academy where I am in fourth grade. My teachers are Mrs. Levy and Mrs. Silver. By the way, it is a private school. So getting back to Juniors. I have already completed Puzzler Badge and Art-to-Wear Badge. I am going to do the I-love-horses Badge and Space Badge. By the way, I live in Marlton, New Jersey.


Our troop has 12 girls and the troop number is 249. Our troop leaders are (my mom) Lynn Chisholm, Mrs. Silary, Mrs. Gerhardt and Mrs.Garelick. This year we have planned to go horse back riding in March, sleep over at the Franklin Institute in February and next week we will be going to the Courier-Post at our next meeting. We have already earned a badge and there are some badges that we will do on our own.