Hi! We are Brownie Troop 240 from Taylor, Texas. Right now we have 11 girls in our troop, Amber, Emaline, Emma, Leslie, Lindsay, Kelsie, Megan, Tabatha, Elizabeth, Roxie and Traneice. This is the third year that most of us have been together, but we are glad to have our newest members join our "family" also. This year we have started off with our first traveling mascot, Spot the Dolphin. Spot will begin her journey this month and will be gone until next June. We will also be hosting mascots for the first time this year and are excited about this new experience. We have been busy making SWAPS to send along with Spot for the troops that host her, and to give to the troops whose mascot we host. We have just finished our Fall Product Sale where we sold calendars, candy, wrapping paper, etc., and we are looking forward to cookie time in January. We would also like to start trading patches with troops all around the world, so if you are interested, let us know!!!