We are Brownie Girl Scout Troop 212, in Commonwealth Girl Scout Council, Virginia. We live in Colonial Heights, Virginia, and meet on Monday nights for one hour. The latest badge we have been working on the Science Wonders try-it. We made recycled paper from old newspaper and made bubble stuff last week and played with balloons (and static electricity) and shined pennies with a chemical reaction the week before. (Has anyone else had trouble getting the new chemical reaction activity in the Brownie handbook to work well?) We are also in the middle of selling cookies to raise money for Girl Scouts and for our troop. Here are some neat things that we are doing sometime soon. One night next month we are going to spend the night at the science museum in Richmond. Our bridging Brownies are going to a junior girl scout badge day for our service unit. We are going to Washington D.C. in June to go to the national zoo. For Thinking Day this year, we did something a little different. Usually, the troops in our service units pick a country and make food from that country. Then we buy tickets and use the tickets to get "nibbles" of food. We call it a Nibblefest. Each ticket costs a quarter and all the money goes to the Juliette Lowe fund. This year, we each picked a different region of the United States. Our troop did Virginia. We served ham, barbecue, apple cider and peanuts because they are all grown or made in Virginia. Other troops chose the Chesapeake Bay region, the Southwest, the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Deep South, the Midwest, etc. It was a nice change, and helped the girls understand what a variety of cultures we have within our own country!