Welcome to Brownie Troop #1869's homepage. We are a wild, woolly group of 1st and 2nd graders in the town of McKinney, TX. We are a small but mighty group which numbers about 12 in all. We were sad to see a couple of our Brownie sisters move at the end of the school year, but happy to have some new girls join our ranks! We have a busy year in store with all sorts of new experiences ahead of us. We have a traveling mascot for the first time this year...her name is Roady and she is an armadillo. She's a traveling kind of girl and has already hit the road in search of new adventures. As a service project, we have adopted a Senior Citizens Assisted Living Center and will make regular visits to them. They'll have so much to offer when we are working on Listening to the Past tryit. We'll be working on lots of tryits this year. We have lots of field trips planned, as we like to travel as much as Roady does!! Some of our adventures include the Police Station, the Fire Station, the Post Office, the Library, the grocery store, the Pumpkin Patch, and an RN will come to teach us about safety. Whew!! We are going to busy and so will the mascots we host!! Of course we'll squeeze in some crafts, because we are an artistic group of young ladies! This Spring we will have a backyard campout to get us ready for summer when we go to Twilight Camp with an all night sleep over. Thanks for visiting our page and please visit us often as we are a work in progress!