This is Junior Troop 182 reporting in LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada. We're circling overhead of the world-famous Strip right now; but there's so much more to see in our fair city! We are home to Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, Keepers of the Wild abused animal rescue/haven, Lake Mead, the Las Vegas Stars baseball team, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Coca-Cola World, Ethel M Chocolates, and many other natural and man-made wonders! Our troop stays very busy with environmental service projects, as well as being involved within the community along with our sister troops in the Frontier Girl Scout Council. We are also badge go-getters, with some of our girls earning as many as 40 badges in one year! This has been Troop 182 reporting; now back to you at the studio. We can be reached via Email at:

The Shooting Stars