Hi, we are troop 15, we are in the central valley of California. There are 24 girls, Brownies and Juniors. Our great leader and 3 assistant leaders. We also have some super parent helpers and adult volunteers. Some of the girls have been in scouting for 3 to 5 years but all of the leaders are brand new, they are just getting their feet wet. Speaking of wet feet the first thing wee died this year was a sailboat outing. Before the outing the person volunteering to take us came and taught us to tie some sailors knots and water safety. We got to help sail the boat and we all had a super time earning our small craft tryits and badges. Our Troop emblem is a sail boat. We even made big poster boards of our trip for our fair booth and got first place for it, boy were we excited.

We had our bridging ceremony in a local park that has a bridge in it. It was great to get to walk across the bridge and invest, rededicate or fly up. An adult volunteer even made us a cake with a bride on it.

On Oct. 16, we went to Saterstroms pumpkin patch for our family night there were so many of us we took up almost two full hay ride trailers. We took group pictures and it took two pictures to get us all in. They have a haunted hay ride, haunted house and haunted Forrest. The Forrest was the scariest and it was soooooo cool. We were SOOOOOOO scared good thing we all had adults with us. I don't know but I'm sure I heard some of them scream a few times too.

We would love to hear about your troop and some of the things you are doing, please send us some E-Mail.

Happy days to you from Troop 15