Jr. Troop #146 from Sacramento, California.  Denise Price, Terri Crawford, Troop Leaders,  Los Amigos Service Unit in Tierra del Oro Council. We are Juniors living in Sacramento CAlifornia, U.S.A. We are a Jr. Troop that has just recently bridged from Brownies. We are excited to be at the next age level. We have two Scouts that have been with us since our Daisy Troop was formed.  We are a very active troop that loves to go on fieldtrips and attend Scouting Events.  During the last school year we went on 20 fieldtrips!! We learned so many new things!!  If you were to ask us our favorite you would get many different answers.  Some of us really enjoyed the Radio Station tour, others the television tour and the Ice Cream Shop was really popular.  The neatest field trip was to a magazine named after our city Sacramento.  We were their first tour and since then they have opened their doors to all the troops in our Council.
  Every year we make Valentines for Veterans at VA Hospitals.  Our troop formed a uniform closet for our Service Unit.  Our goal is to help a underprivilged Scouts get a uniform and/or book.  We're just getting it off the ground  but we're hoping to make donating uniforms part of  the bridging ceremony in our service unit.
One of our Scouts, while a Brownie earned all 45 Brownie Try-its.   It took her   2 1/2 years but she learned alot on the way.
Our troop has really enjoyed being Scouts and we now want to do something for our community and go on a few field trips this year.  Anybody got some out-of-the-ordinary ideals.  We are a troop that likes to break out and do different projects, etc.  We are very curious about sister Girl Scouts in different countries. We would love to swap ideals  for community service projects, craft projects or badge requirement ideas.