Junior Troop 1250

We are from Demorest, Georgia, a small community in the foothills of the Northeast Georgia mountains. We are a troop with 18 girls and 4 leaders, made up of a combination of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

Our Troop

*Jordan**Mary Beth**Josette**Chelsea* *Kristen**Jena**Sandra**Victoria**Jennifer**Christina R.**Christina S.**Melissa **Cassie**Caitlyn**Anna Lee**Kim* *Christina*Our Leaders are*Ms. Trudy**Ms. Rita**Ms. Teresa* and *Ms. Janice*

Our troop has finished the seven steps of bridging and we flew up to Junior Girl Scouts. We would like to thank our sister Junior troop for their help in fulfilling the requirements for bridging. We held a school bridging ceremony where we crossed over the bridge to Junior Girl Scouting. We would also like to thank Jonathan (a Boy Scout from our community) for his part in making the bridge safe for us to walk across. After we bridged to Juniors we went on a troop trip to the Tennessee Aquarium and other sites in Chattanooga.
This year we have a goal to earn the Northeast Georgia Girl Scout Councils new diversity pin so we will be working on requirements for that throughout the year. We didn't finish this last year and so we plan to work harder to meet this goal.
Now we are getting ready to start our annual QSP/Calendar sale to help us fund our projects and whatever trip we decide to take this year.
Our traveling mascot; Cottontail has been to Oregon, Nebraska, and she is in Missouri now, she should be home soon. If your troop would like to sign up to host her please sign up via e-mail.

Please send us mail to:

Troop 1250

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