Greetings from Cyberspace! We are Junior Girl Scout Troop 1200 from Rowlett, Texas. We are the Tejas Girl Scout Council in the Rowlett Service Unit 325. Our troop consists of 12 girls and 3 leaders. This is the fourth year in girl scouts from most of our troop. We are new to the Junior Girl Scout Program. We crossed over from Brownies in December. We are all in the third grade and represent Rowlett, Dorsey, Herfurth and Stephens Elementary Schools in Rowlett. We love to go camping, and we are going to attend Camp Bette Perot January 31-February 2 for our annual Rowlett Service Unit Camporee. The theme is a Tribal Gathering and our troop is representing the Kickapoo Indians. We are excited to be in Cyberspace. Aubrey, Casey, Erica, Jill, Katy, Lindsey, Lisa, Meghan, Melissa, Merry, Jill, and Stephanie. Our leaders are Susan, Debby, and Karen.