Girl Scout Troop 1167 Homepage Are you ready to take the challenge?! Our troop is in the midst of earning our SuperTroop Patch from our council. We were required to plan and implement a worldwide project designed to make the world a better place. Everyone in the troop agreed that our biggest worry was air pollution, and here was what we came up with: We are inviting Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world to help us plant trees. Our troop has joined forces with Global ReLeaf and two trees will be planted in our name. The first will be planted in the Global ReLeaf forest in Florida and the second will be planted by the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine in an area where survivors of the Cherynobyl disaster have settled to help them put down roots in a new community. If you are interested in joining here is the information: Send $10.00 to: American Forests/HZND Global ReLeaf P.O. Box 2000 Washington DC 20013 You will also receive notecards by an Ukrainian artist so you can ask other troops to particpate. Troops can also simply plant a tree or two in a location of your choosing, this too will help our cause Cleaner air to breathe and the reduction of global warming!!! Please let us know if you have done either of the above by e-mailing me. Please pass this challenge along!!! I will post the number of troops who participate. Happy Planting!