Twelve 7-year-old girls from Arkansas and Texas bid you hello! We are Brownie Girl Scout Troop 107 from Texarkana USA. Our city stradles the state line and our school sits in Texas across the street from Arkansas! We had a beautiful investiture ceremony on March 5, 1996. On that day, U.S. Congressman Max Sandlin of Texas, had a United States Flag flown over the U.S. capital in our honor and we use that as our troop flag. We are beginning our second year as a troop and have a lot of neat things planned. Already as first-graders we helped out with tornado victims in Arkadelphia, Ark. (about an hour and a half away) and planted flower beds at a local park! Our leaders, Miss Lisa and Miss Jolly hope to take us on our first overnight camping trip this year after they taking canoeing training. Our troop has a mission that girls can do ANYTHING! An example is that our sheriff, Mary Choate, who has visited our troop was the first female sheriff in the state of Texas. We recently planted flower beds at Ferguson Park in Texarkana, Ark. and are already thinking of more service projects! We hope to accomplish many service projects this year including helping our homeless shelter and work with other needy kids.