Hello!! This is what we did for the 1996-1997 school year: Right now we have 10 girls in our troop and we love to do lots of different things. This year we did a Cabin sleepover at Camp Sacajawea. Even though it poured (heavily) the whole time and we didn't get to go boating, we had a BLAST!! We invited our sister Junior troop 832 and had fun together. At Holiday Time, we decorated the Giving Tree at the Bank and collected gifts to donate to families in town. We helped over 30 families. We have a collectiona of the Brownie Storybooks that we take turns borrowing and really enjoyed reading the stories. One idea we got from there was to have our Troop mascot , Golden Brownie. So far she has been to MD, and we plan to send her to other places as well. We went to a play that one of our fellow Scouts performed in. Troop 1042 also hosted a Sing-Along for other troops in the area, as an end of the year party.

With our Service Unit, we participated in a Food Drive and Baby Bundle collection, had fun at a Lip Sync contest (we did Let's Go Fly a Kite) and at our annual Group Picnic. We also had a GREAT time at the Roller Rink.

With our Council, we enjoyed the Environmental Extravaganza, which helped us learn about the environment. We attended a Surf Jam Party (for averaging over 70 boxes/girl) and we are looking forward to our Cookie Core Camp-a weekend at Camp for free (for averaging over 125 boxes/girl).

The Try-its we had fun completing this year includes: Colors and shapes, Girl Scout Ways, Music, Numbers and Shapes, Outdoor Adventurer, Outdoor Fun and Play. We also did activities from the Outdoor Happenings Patch.

We have a great time with Troop 1042 and can't wait to meet again!!

Girl Scouts U.S.A.

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