Hi! We are Brownie Girl Scout troop #013 in Long Island, New York. There are 18 girls in our troop, along with 2 leaders. Sixteen of us are in the second grade and two of us are in the first grade. Most of us have been together since we were Daisies! As a troop we love to go on field trips, do arts and crafts and participate in Service Unit activities. We also love, love, love to sing!!! This year we have been to a Songfest, a Halloween party, a Holiday Celebration, a Luau, and a Bear Affair as well as trips with our troop alone. Our favorite troop trip so far was when we visited a local Pizza Parlor and got to watch them make the pizza from scratch - then we got to eat the pizza! We have a traveling mascot that our leader, Mrs. N, is letting us "borrow" to get to know other Scouts and their happenings. She is a teddy bear and we named her Liberty (because the Statue of Liberty is in New York). We call her Libby for short. Libby has traveled alot and met many troops and had alot of fun, but she will always have time to meet more troops and Scouts! Happy Thinking Day! We'd love to hear from other Girl Scout troops! Please email our leader Mrs. N at