All New Zealand / Australian Guide Leaders list

Australian and New Zealand leaders of all age groups, experience, and areas of interest subscribe to the list. Many enjoy participating in the discussions, as many enjoy receiving the mail and not replying. Any form of participation in this list is fine. In general though the more you get involved the more useful the list becomes :)

ANZAGL is a closed list and applications to join are not automatically accepted unless the applicant is an Australian or New Zealander. We will accept non Australian or New Zealand members if the people applying have a special reason for wishing to join. These reasons could include being a past leader in either NZ or Australia; completing an award such as the Commonwealth Award which includes specialised info on either Australia or NZ; or a forthcoming visit "Down Under" where guiding contacts would be helpful. There are many other possibilities - all are considered on a case by case basis.

We do not accept any subscription applications from addresses.

The ANZAGL list is kindly hosted by Steve of SKL.COM.

You might also enjoy reading the wonderful ANZAGLzine (indirectly related to the list) - a webzine for guiding people in Australasia - but with many great ideas and articles for people in other parts of the world.

Joining the ANZAGL Mailing List

To join the mailing list, you first must possess an electronic mailbox - an email address to which the list's information can be sent. Then, after you have selected the list you wish to subscribe to, you must request a subscription to the list.

For example, if Jenny Morris wanted to join this list to discuss aspects of guiding in Australasia, Jenny would send a message to:

Jenny's message would consist of one line only:

subscribe anzagl Jenny Morris

No subject line is required. After receiving a message from ListServ confirming that she is subscribed, Jenny can sit back and enjoy the small but steady influx of mail each day, discussing topics like behaviour problems, elephant jokes, camp ideas, uniform, guides own, and that ever popular topic, the weather. :) Or Jenny might send an e-mail introducing herself and requesting ideas for a theme evening at her guide unit.
If sending mail to the list like this, Jenny would send it to:

That will ensure that all other members of the e-mail list receive her note and can answer it. They might reply through the list address above if it is of general interest or privately to Jenny using her own e-mail address if they think it is more personal.

Leaving the ANZAGL Mailing List

If you have to leave the mailing list (sob sob!), the method for unsubscribing is very similar to the subscription process. Jenny, for example, would send another message
to the server at:

with the message:

unsubscribe anzagl

After your request is processed, you will stop receiving mail messages from the list.

Help! I need somebody.....

If you need some help or have further questions please email
who will do her best to help sort out problems.
(Remove spamiguard. from address before e-mailing :) )

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